Specialist for skimmed milk powder

Our milk drying plant is one of the most modern and largest in Europe and produces skimmed milk powder for the international food industry. Up to 60,000 tons of skimmed milk powder are exported from Neum√ľnster every year all over the world, as classic bagged goods, in big bags or as loose silo shipments. The distribution is carried out by the division Uelzena Ingredients of our shareholder Uelzena eG. Our milk powder "Made in Germany" enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Our main products are medium-heat and high-heat skimmed milk powder qualities for various applications in the chocolate, confectionery and food industry. Our customers appreciate the good taste and optimal processing properties of our milk powders for the production of their branded products. The continuous optimization of our product qualities, e.g. in terms of particle size, low dust content, solubility and mixing behavior is particularly important to us. 

Our milk powder is marketed by the Uelzena Ingredients division of Uelzena eG. One of our four shareholders.

Skim milk powder - versatile ingredient for food

The industrial production of skim milk powder has a long tradition of preserving milk. Recombined with water to create liquid milk, skimmed milk powder is used as a fresh milk substitute for drinking, but also as a raw material for the production of fresh milk products.In addition, it is a valuable ingredient in many foods today, such as chocolate, ice cream, baked goods and baking mixtures.

These applications have different demands regarding the raw material milk powder. Manufacturers of chocolate and confectionery, for example, require skimmed milk powder with optimum properties for incorporation into the cocoa mass. If, on the other hand, the powder is used to make cheese or yogurt, the proteins must be left as native as possible. By adapting recipes and controlling the processing process in a targeted manner, we can offer the right products.


Certified product quality

Our international customers from the food industry place high demands not only on the quality of our milk powder, but also on food safety. We therefore successfully pass strict customer audits on a regular basis and are of course certified according to the most important standards such as FSSC 22000, Kosher and Halal. A strict hygiene zone concept throughout the plant and the monitoring of raw materials and production by a quality management system and our own laboratory are further quality components. 

Processing of raw milk into cream and skimmed milk

For the production of our skimmed milk powder, about 2 million liters of raw milk are delivered to the plant daily by milk producers of the participating dairies. The raw milk is heated and the cream is separated by separators. The resulting skimmed milk remains in the plant, is concentrated and then processed into skimmed milk powder on the spray tower. The cream is returned as a valuable raw material to the participating dairies for further processing.   

Our major cerifications:
Download: FSSC 22000:2005
FSSC 22000:2005
Download: ISO 50001:2018
ISO 50001:2018
Download: Halal Skimmed milk powder
Halal Skimmed milk powder
Download: Kosher Skimmed milk powder
Kosher Skimmed milk powder